Fellowship Groups

There are several groups meeting at different times of the day and on different days.  Some groups do bible studies while others are more discussion based. They all meet once a fortnight and you would be very welcome to join any of the groups. 

Monday evening 7 for 7:30pm contact Peter on 01347 822173  

Tuesday morning 10am contact Brian on 01347 821595

Tuesday evening 7pm contact Ken on 01347 821573

Wednesday morning 10am contact Pam on 01347 822357

Thursday morning 10am contact Pam on 01347 822357

The groups meet in homes around Easingwold 

For more information please phone the leaders shown above or ask the stewards at chapel on a Sunday.

More Details:

House Fellowship - 9 Uppleby - Tuesday at 10am

The Rev Ian Hill has prepared some Notes to accompany this year's Lent Course which is based on the Holiness and Justice booklet published by the Methodist Church.  The Notes cover five sessions so, because this group meets on a fortnightly basis, we will begin pre-Lent with session one on 7 February and complete session five on 4 April 2017.

Please feel free not only to attend any of these sessions yourself but also to invite friends who are interested to know more. Copies of the Booklet and/or the Notes are available from Brian (Tel: 821595) or from any of the Fellowship Group leaders