Who am I?’ - ‘Whoever I am, Lord, you know me, and I am yours.’ 


Whoever I am: 

You know and understand me, for you made me, love me, and care for me.

You own me, for you have created, chosen, redeemed, and adopted me in Christ.

"You have dealt with the sins, regrets, mistakes and failures of my past life and ministry.

You forgive and accept me, as you make me clean by the blood of Christ.

You have made me a temple of your Holy Spirit, who dwells within me.

You work all things for good for those who love you and are called according to your purpose."


Whoever I am:

"Through the Holy Spirit you are transforming me into the image of your Son. Though my outer nature is wasting away, you are renewing my inner nature every day."

Through these slight momentary afflictions you are working an eternal weight of glory.

Through our trials you are proving the genuineness of our faith, for your glory and honour.


Whoever I am:

I wonder at your grace, compassion, kindness, faithfulness and love.

"I repent of my sins and my sinfulness, and claim your forgiveness through Christ. I ask you to help me put to death the works of the flesh, and bring forth in me the fruit of the Spirit."

I ask you to sanctify me and make me useful in your service.

I offer myself to you today as a living sacrifice, to live for your glory.


Whoever I am:

You receive me and my daily sacrifice of myself, in your mercy.

You use me and my ministry in your mercy for your good purposes.

You are worthy of all glory, honour, praise, and worship.