God Almighty, our Father through Jesus, our Deliverer,
Thank you that you have appointed times for me to stop,
To be still before you in preparation for what you call me to do.
You have called me to serve you in the world,
But I have too often chosen to serve myself and the world’s agenda.
Please wash me clean of all the conflicts and deceptions I’ve participated in.

I put down before you all I have come to love more than you;
All that’s damaged my devotion and undermined my closeness to you.
I surrender power, popularity, pleasure, self-importance, selfishness
And all the self-righteousness by which I have tried to save myself.
I choose to let go of all the fears, doubts and dependencies
That I have only made worse by failing to focus on your unfailing sufficiency.

I ask you to restore me and fill me anew with your Holy Spirit,
Knowing that you have made me to be a house where God dwells.
Thank you that you have been with me wherever I have gone,
And for all you have done to bring me safely here,
To this larger place of trusting in you.
You were, you are and you will ever be faithful to me.
You have called me to be fruitful in your service;
Help me not to hold back from taking every opportunity
To glorify you in every situation through words and deeds.
I will pour myself out for you like an offering on your altar,
Knowing that hope in you is more enduring than any stone.
I accept your promise to bring increase of your kingdom through me.
I will be your priest ordained to bless the places to which you’re sending me,
Confident that I am a part of your plan to bless the whole world.
In Jesus’ name. Amen