This poem by David Birtwhistle made me think about how carelessly we listen to each other:

How to Listen. 

Hearing is gathering up sounds with my ears 
Like the idle sorting of rubbish on dustbin day 
To listen, I must engross myself in the precious jewels of your words 
Become entranced as you bestow them on my ears 
Discerning the misty shadows of those that remain unsaid 
I don’t want to talk, or think about what I should say. 
That would be discarding your jewels as rubbish destined for landfill 
I want to hug you with my ears and mind 
Your heart beating in my breast 
Your pain and joy reaching the depths of my soul 
I will let you lead me through the rich landscapes of your world 
Mapping its hills and valleys as I walk in your shoes, and my socks

David Birtwhistle